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Contemporary Artists' Cooperative Art Collective

Contemporary Artists' Cooperative is more than just a group of artists. It is an open concept that brings together people with different talents, passions and visions who together create original and unique works of performative art.

The beginnings of the Collective
The initiator and driving force of this unique venture is Kaspian Jakub Rezler. His dream

about the unification of various forms of artistic expression became a reality thanks to cooperation with the Polish Dance Theater in Poznań.

Creative Diversity
There is no place for limitations in an artistic collective. It consists of various personalities representing fields such as dance, music, photography, film, literature and many others. It is not a permanent, closed group, and the diversity of participants fuels creativity and leads to the implementation of various projects.

Three Pillars
The concept of “Contemporary Artists’ Cooperative” is based on three fundamental pillars: honesty, non-judgment and support. It is these values that shape the spirit of the collective and ensure that every artist can express themselves freely here.

Experiments and Innovations
The collective is not limited to one style or genre. Experiments and combining different elements lead to the creation of new and surprising effects. Cooperation with the Polish Dance Theater, one of the most important and innovative dance centers

in Poland, results in performances combining contemporary dance with other forms of art.

Mission of the Collective
“Contemporary Artists’ Cooperative” is a group of people who love art and want to share it with others. Together they discover the richness and diversity of Polish culture, creating something unique and captivating.

We invite you to follow our projects and join us on this extraordinary artistic journey.

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Contemporary Artists' Cooperative

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