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(Adopted on November 13, 2023)
Chapter I
General Provisions
§ 1.
1. A foundation called Fundacja Jest Nasze Młodych Contemporary Artists'
Cooperative, was established by Jacob Edmund Rezler, called
hereinafter referred to as the Founder, a notarial deed prepared by notary public Marta
Nowak - notary in Poznań in the notary's office in Poznań, at
Adama Mickiewicza Street 18/3 Reference: A 6538/2023 The Foundation operates
pursuant to the provisions of the Act of April 6, 1984 on foundations (text
uniform: OJ 1991 No. 46 item 203, as amended) and
provisions of this statute.
§ 2.
1. The name of the Foundation is: You are all Contemporary Artists' Cooperative
2. The Foundation may use its seal, logo and logotype.
3. The headquarters of the Foundation is Poznań.
4. The area of activity of the Foundation is the territory of the Republic of Poland, and
to the extent necessary to properly achieve the objectives, it may
conduct business also outside the borders of the Republic of Poland, z
compliance with the provisions of applicable law.
5. In order to conduct business outside the Republic of Poland
The Foundation may use translations of its name in selected languages
6. The Foundation may establish and liquidate branches, plants and representative offices
and other institutions in Poland and abroad, and to create and participate in other entities
in other entities in the country and abroad, participating
in all legally permissible connections with other entities.
§ 3.
The duration of the Foundation is unlimited.
§ 4.
The minister responsible for the objectives of the Foundation is the minister responsible for culture
national heritage.
§ 5.
The Foundation may establish badges, medals and other distinctions and award them with
other awards and distinctions to natural and legal persons who have made outstanding contributions to the Foundation.
Chapter II
Objectives and Principles of Operation of the Foundation
§ 6.
The foundation was established to support the development of culture and art.
§ 7.
The Foundation pursues its goals through:
1. Creating conditions for comprehensive, intellectual, social,
spiritual, emotional and physical development of a person.
2. Unrestricted shaping of the personality of a responsible person, at
respecting his right to freedom and dignity.
3. Conducting cultural, artistic and educational activities. Spreading and
dissemination of culture by initiating activities directed at
every age group.
4. Promoting the art of dance as an autonomous entity both in space
physical and virtual.
5. Activities supporting the education of children, youth and adults. Lifting
qualifications and competences of animators, educators and other people
working with children and young people.
6. Activities for culture, art, protection of cultural goods and heritage
7. Educational, cultural and reintegration activities for older people and
people with disabilities.
8. Activities to integrate local communities.
9. Activities to support the development of local communities.
10. supporting all artistic creation, promotion and dissemination
knowledge about art,
11. initiating and implementing cultural and artistic events,
12. dissemination of innovative artistic attitudes and support
various forms of creative activity,
13. supporting and organizing educational activities in the field of promotion
culture and promotion of various forms of art,
14. supporting socio-cultural initiatives and patronage of culture and art,
15. shaping attitudes of active participation in culture among children, youth and
16. initiating and supporting scientific research in the field of culture and art,
17. organizing exhibitions of art collections,
18. organizing cultural events such as performances and exhibition openings
19. conducting educational activities in the field of culture and art - incl
organizing conferences, seminars, training, practical workshops and
scientific research, as well as supporting individual research projects in this field
20. conducting publishing activities and distributing publications
regarding culture and art,
21. promoting and supporting the teaching of art history and popularizing knowledge about
22. conducting courses, training and workshops,
23. conducting educational and training activities
24. initiating, implementing and supporting all artistic projects
25. education of children, youth and disabled people in the field of knowledge about
art and participation in culture,



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