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"You are everything... a thing about non-obviousness"
_"You are everything..." is a bold, innovative endeavor that explores non-obviousness in every dimension of human experience. At Polish Dance Theater we combine movement, sound, forms and emotions to discover the obscure connections that connect us all.

NOT OBVIOUS: associations, feelings, emotions
How do love and hate mix in unexpected ways? How do associations arise from sounds and feelings crystallize in forms? We answer these questions through a bold exploration of dance, music and words, leading the viewer on a groundbreaking journey through emotions, sentences and relationships.

A non-obvious connection between YOU and the Polish Dance Theater
Why Polish Dance Theatre? Why do you? The answer to these questions is not as obvious as it seems. In "You are everything..." we engage the viewer in a non-obvious dialogue with our team, discovering connections that are both intimate and universal at the same time. You are part of us and we are part of you.

Your Dance, Your Story
There are no statistical viewers in this event. Each participant becomes part of the performance, its movement and voice. Together we explore how non-obvious connections form the fabric of our lives, both in small, everyday moments and in large, global events.


Join us on this unique journey where non-obviousness is not an obstacle, but the key. "You are everything... a thing about non-obviousness Prelude" is more than a spectacle - it is an experience, a challenge and a promise that nothing is as it seems.

Entrance tickets available now. Reserve your place in a world where everything is possible and non-obviousness is the only certainty.



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Unites us Polish Dance Teatr 

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