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as a human value

This performance is both a celebration and a reminder of the three pillars of relationships: honesty, non-judgment and support. It is an invitation to participate in an authentic, supportive environment where you can be yourself, fully and without reservation.


Reserve your place in the non-obvious.
"You are everything... a thing about non-obviousness"This is the beginning of your journey deep into yourself, where non-obviousness is not a barrier, but the key. This is your opportunity to discover that you are everything that is obvious, and even more so that you are everything that is not obvious.


Join us in a world where value and essence are found in the most unexpected places.


It's a spectacle - it's an experience, a reminder and a promise. Are you ready to rediscover yourself?

A show for adults 

Prelude premiere: September 22, 2023 Move Festival in Zielona Góra

Premiere: January 6, 2024 at the Polish Dance Theater

Duration: 60 min

Creators and producers:

Concept, direction, text, light and sound direction: Kaspian Jakub Rezler 
Dramaturgy: Katia Shahoika
Choreography: Katia Shahoika, Kaspian Jakub Rezler
Music: Ula Sobol
Videoart: Katia Shahoika
Costumes: Bartosz Strojny, Katia Shahoika

Dancer artists: 

Goślińska Wiktoria, Graczyńska Paulina, Gradomska Agnieszka, Gratkowska Joanna, Kawalec Krzysztof, Puszczykowska Gabriela, Rezler Kaspian Jakub, Rzepecka Marta, Shahoika Katia


Jagoda Wasilewska

Piotr B. Dąbrowski

Service and preparation of the performance: 

Service and preparation of the show:

Lighting: Dominik Dudek

Sound engineer: Michał Beszczyński

Technical management: Dariusz Szych

Stage crew: Krzysztof Ludwiczak

Production coordination: Monika Zembrzycka

Production: Contemporart Artists' Cooperation Foundation
Co-production: Polish Dance Theater 

Restrictions and conditions:

The show is intended for adults 18+

Participants are required to wear a mask throughout the entire performance, which they will receive in the theater. Masks are mandatory for everyone.

During the performance, viewers deposit their phones in special bags.



Contemporary Artists' Cooperative

Unites us Polish Dance Teatr 

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